Get That Junk Out of Your Trunk

Junk removal services in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding area

Are you tired of lugging around items you don’t care about anymore? We all have those items that would be better off in the city dump, but haven’t had the means to throw them away. Well, that’s not the case anymore! Junk Ease, LLC is a premier junk removal service in Mesa, AZ. We remove junk in a convenient and affordable manner for everyone in the East Valley and the Phoenix metropolitan area.

No headaches and no heavy-lifting for you!

No headaches and no heavy-lifting for you!

Junk Ease will come out to your location and remove whatever you don’t want. We’ll do all of the heavy lifting; you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll dispose of all of your items in the proper manner. You can contact our junk removal service in Mesa, AZ to get rid of:

  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Yard debris
  • Hot tubs
  • Tires
Our specialists can pack up and haul away all kinds of items from your property. You don’t have to live with those broken and unused items anymore. Get a head start on your spring cleaning – call Junk Ease of Mesa, AZ for junk removal service at 480-447-JUNK (5865) today.

Make Your Mesa, AZ Home Spotless Again


Do you ever wish you could get rid of some of the things you never use in your house in one go? You can! Junk Ease, LLC offers junk removal services for homeowners wishing to clean up after a construction project or minimize the junk they own.
Our locally owned company is staffed by reliable professionals you can trust to treat your home with care. We’ll get rid of your trash, old furniture, household junk and construction debris. Call 480-447-5865 to schedule a junk removal appointment at your Mesa, AZ home.


Junk removal services aren’t just for huge companies. Here are three times you might find yourself in need of our services at your home:
1 Your annual holiday party left your home filled with decorations, wrapping paper and paper cups.
2 You’re moving to a new house and you don’t want to take everything with you.
3 You’re remodeling your kitchen and the contractors left a bunch of construction debris. What are you waiting for?
Speak with a junk removal expert today to receive a free estimate on your removal.

Confront Your Commercial Clutter

Hire junk removal professionals in Meza, AZ

Running a business requires a lot of work, and it’s very easy for your workspace to become cluttered. When you can’t handle the junk removal process on your own, call Junk Ease, LLC of Mesa, AZ. We can remove the junk and waste from your property and dispose of it properly.
Dial 480-447-5865 now to schedule a commercial junk removal service.


Moving junk requires a lot more time and effort than you might think. Here are a few reason to let us handle the junk disposal:
1 We know the right methods of disposal for your items
2 We can get the job done in a professional and timely manner
3 We have the right equipment to haul away heavy items and materials.
Turn to Junk Ease to remove the junk and waste from your commercial space today.